Monday, November 29, 2010

Flashback (21): Being Pulled Over in Calgary

I said that I would tell the story of me being pulled over, ticketed and towed in Calgary and here it is: It was a cold night like this in Dec. and I had just finished my exercises in Talisman Centre and was heading south on McLeod Tr. for home. It was chilly and the car's windows were frozen and it was not really easy for me to see around. I noticed a CPS cruiser on the second line shortly before I reach 58th Ave. I was driving slowly and made sure that I won't exceed the speed limit. I was hoping he passes me but instead I saw him behind me when I had a quick look in my rear-view mirror. It happened so fast. Then I crossed 58th while the light went amber and there he was putting his beacon on! I pulled over and two officers jumped down. The leader asked for my documents and of course my insurance had ran out long time ago. He called the tow truck. But shortly before the truck arrives there was another cruiser with two officers. When the truck came I allowed me to get out of the vehicle. I asked them something like what was goin' on and one of them said that they were there only for back up! I don't know what sort of back up was needed that 4 Police officer had been gathered together for a lone driver with a small car! One of them explained to me what was goin' on, handed me the violation ticket and asked me if I needed a cab! I simply said that the LRT station was not too far and started walking to Chinook Station. Now compare it with the tow I had just a few weeks ago by a RCMP member. You see a huge difference. I understand the jurisdiction difference but the severity of the penalty in Calgary was too much. I had to pay for the ticket, tow truck, parking and of course the insurance. Here I paid nothing to the tow truck driver and he never took me to the yard. I could simply driver without buying insurance again, which I didn't and never will again and the ticket has enough time to rest before it's paid!
(Photo: McLeod Tr. South in front of Chinook Centre, southbound where I had this wonderful memory of mine!)

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