Tuesday, November 30, 2010


You might say ' What the hell is that? ' by looking at this post's title. I was surprised when I read that word although it was not as much as you did. In fact it's somebody's surname! Yes!
There's this Basketball player of Memphis Grizzlies (the team which used to play in Vancouver) who's originally from Iran, named Hamed Haddadi. He's not a starter and has joined the league recently. I was goin' through today's news and I realized that the guy has just been charged with an assault in Memphis, TN. What the media says is Hamed and his gf who's surname is mentioned above get into an argument which leads to a physical altercation(!) and both get injured(!) The girls family name which is Persian of course is actually Karbalaei-Nemat-Moeeney, consists of three different parts and was even hard for me to understand and analyze it the first 2 times that I read it! Some people get so patriotic and nationalist that they don't want to change to alternate their names and family names here in North America. Iranians and East Indians are amongst them. Chinese and Korean are a bit more flexible.
Anyways the family name doesn't mean anything even in Persian. I can explain a bit but doesn't get us anywhere. But look at the parts of the news I've selected:
... the court orders were translated from English to his native language of Persian by a court interpreter(!) I don't blame the poor guy. He never had the chance to study English in his native Ahvaz and after that to be able to understand the complicated Judaical system terms.
... the court judge allowed Haddadi to be free on bond but ordered him not to have any contact with his gf. Haddadi's defence lawyer said the judge's order is for his client's protection(!) (She might beat the shit of him again!)
The two used to live in California where a large population of Iranians live before settling in Memphis.
(Photo: Hamed Haddadi looks really disturbed, stressed and terrified here in this picture taken from him outside the courtroom)

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