Sunday, November 07, 2010

Not So Early Bird

My wrist watch alarm went off at 06:00 and I started getting ready to go to work. I got the vehicle out of the parking and drove to the street. Seemed not busy at all. Made sense: Sunday morning, 06:15 AM. I carried on driving. The highway seemed normal too me. Then I passed the first Tim Horton's on my way: No line up. Lights off!? What the hell? Then I went to the McDonald's that I always get my coffee. Same scene over there! What's goin' on!? I drove to work, confused. Not as many cars as usually are parked there! Did they shut the site!? I parked and went inside: No one was in the gathering room. The security guard was standing in front of a board and reading something. I asked him if that was a working day. That was the only thing I though I could asked. His answer was yes. I asked him why there was nobody there then. He said that I made the same mistake that a few others had done: Day Light Saving had ended earlier today! Damn! I completely had forgotten! I, then, left and drove to the McDonald's parking lot waited until they opened. Got a coffee and spent the time there until it was the time to go to work! That had never happened before!

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