Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Bunkers

I was in this online chess playing website early this morning or better to say after the midnight, not to mention how many times I lost ridiculously and I met a guy from Denmark who actually had a little chat with me for about 15 min. before we start a game.
He told me that his sister lived in Ottawa and how he was there to pay her a visit. I told him about my travel to Denmark as well and also told him about the German bunkers that I made aware of last year. I told him that I wanted to see them.
Long story short is that last year a number of German bunkers were discovered in north western cost of Denmark. Those ones had been built by Germans after they occupied Denmark in order to push Allies Forces back. I don't know if they were ever been used or what the story about them is and I forgot to ask the guy who's his screen name is Snooser (I have no idea what that means) but he gave me his e-mail address. I also can ask my cousin. I checked the map and Ringkobing Fjord (in Danish of course) is the opposite side of Copenhagen and Greve, where my cousin lives. So if I'm flying to Copenhagen, I will rent a car and the drive is about three hours and a half unless he has another idea.
I don't know when I'm goin' but I will and I combine that with Malmo trip that we have planned as well.
(Photo: This blur map doesn't show the territories under Danish Kingdom but shows how far Greve, beside the capital, Copenhagen in east is from Ringkobing Fjord in west)

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