Friday, December 10, 2010

McDonald's Fair Deal

I don't eat fast food. I mean I stopped long time ago. I just try to stay away from fat, Cholesterol and all the chemicals and preservatives. If I want to get a burger I rather to go to Burger King, not to mention that I haven't been there for a long time. That's the only fast food I eat.
But McDonald's coffee is something else. It's just out of question not having that! You get a large cup of freshly brewed coffee and a Fruit & Fibre muffin for only $1.78! Isn't that amazing? You can get a free refill in the restaurant too.
Compare it now with the stupid Tim Horton's: It's coffee is smaller. They have all sugary, oil-dipped donuts. There's no refill and the most annoying one: They don't accept Visa!!
One more good thing about McDonald's: Check out the website for all the nutrition information. It's scary though!

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