Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gasoline Price

This damn gas price is goin' up again like a rocket. It's now 120.1 C for a liter here in this part of Brit"SHIT" Columbia which is more expensive than Alberta of course. The last time I bought some, I believe it was about 116 C something. I don't know how it's in the US but what I'm goin' to do is to make a table and compare the gasoline price and crude oil just for my knowledge and see how bastard these giant oil companies are! I heard that a few consumer companies have banned Oil Sand gasoline products but I don't think it might have any effect on this.
(Photo: Gasoline price has been always a concern for Americans as they mostly like to show off big ass SUVs and do lots of road trips. Thank God that I have never been that stupid to buy something like that!)

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