Tuesday, December 07, 2010

An Opportunity after 2.5 Years

I received a call from a very well known company based in Calgary for a QA Coordinator position today and like many times before I have to make it there this Fri. because apparently one of the gentlemen who are goin' to interview me will go for his vacation next week! It's always like that. Every time you say something about the interview date they say that the interviewer will be on vacation. I remember once one of them said that he was on vacation and the position was filled when he was away!
Anyways I checked the flights and realized that there won't be anyway that I can leave early Fri. morning and come back the same day afternoon. At least that's what Westjet's site says. Nevertheless I have to check with this stupid current job of mine and make up a story.
When I think of all the opportunities that I've lost in the past few years and then think of all the misery of flying to Calgary and back, where to stay, how to pass the damn interview, is that a stable and secure job and everything else I really panic! I have to make a call tomorrow and ask if I can change the interview date or at least the job's duration and the other natures of it.
Keiv wrote me in his last e-mail that he would go to his stand-by mode again in a week or so just like last year and it's the worst time of the year 'cause Christmas is comin'! He was unemployed for almost 10 months in 2009 and showed his furry in his e-mail again about having the same situation. I wonder how I got this telephone call while Keiv's company, SNC Lavalin which is a huge one is very slow! I also checked the company's website and it looked very amateur with a UNDER CONSTRUCTION message in the main page! We'll see.

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