Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cutting the Corners

I was driving home today when I heard that the pay stubs will be smaller and the deductions bigger in 2011! Good news to start the new year! I'm already trouble, drowning in debt with this pay stub and what I did just a few days ago was canceling my caller ID! I know it sounds stupid but helps $7 a month! I mean the only reasons I didn't cancel the mobile phone itself are two:

1-I don't want to be listed in phone books.

2- I'm stilling waiting for telephone calls from the employers.

Rather than those ones there's nothing else to stop me from cancelling my mobile phone. It's so stupid to have something in the palm 24 hours a day. Just look at the idiots and losers who text or talk while driving and cause fatal accidents or the morons who live in a fake, imaginary world called Facebook! Why the hell should I pay to a company to put a photo of me posing somewhere just because I want the others know what I'm up to!? I know people who barely eat good food but never take that phone off them! Stupid!

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