Monday, December 20, 2010

The Penny

It has been lately decided by the Canadian financial authorities possibly in Bank of Canada not to make any Penny anymore. It is said that the authorities have studied a Penny-free monitory system in other English-speaking countries (Australia, perhaps) and found it possible to perform. Every Penny costs 2.5 cents to make these days and since nobody bothers picking up a Penny from the floor it's not useful any more.
What surprises me in this whole process of omitting the Penny from the system is the reaction of Canadians to the Queen on the Penny. Many Canadians respect her and the Royal Family but no one even cares about the Queen on the floor. It has not even been discussed once! They have never said even once that well you don't need that Penny, it's worthless but how about the Queen? The Queen that you admire. The Queen that you line up to see her. The Queen that you waves your little flags for her! Isn't that disrespectful?
(Photo: A Canadian Penny from year 2000)

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