Saturday, March 26, 2011

White Pride

I missed the White Pride rally last weekend. It could have been fun because the population of Caucasians taking part in the rally was huge: 16!
The funny thing is this guys let everybody from every corner of the globe let in and they start bothering them? The fact is 16 is not the true number of the people who are fed up with the unsuccessful multiculturalism but I guess the majority of White Canadians and other inhabitants, I would say, feel the same. But these idiots are so ignorant that don't understand that a rally with 16 young guys who are being led by a 25-year-old walking down the streets does not do any good but dishonoring them! Obviously these guys have no organization. They could have done many things to show they power. I feel sorry for them. I would probably feel the same if I was them but I think majority of the White people here are in a better shape compare to the others, in Canada.
(Photo: Three White Canadians are showing their pride, two by sitting by the door and the other by exposing her back. Could I have taken a photo of her boobs which were almost hanging out? Probably not!)

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