Saturday, June 04, 2011

LRT Expansion

I was driving around the City and I realized that the bridge-shape construction I noticed last summer when I was walking alongside Bow River is part of the LRT expansion and close to Westbrook Station.

For years I was hearing that the next City Transit expansion would be in SE part of the City mainly because most of the industries are located there. Although I haven't checked the entire area yet but looks like the west part had priority. I always thought that all these key industries to the City which bring a huge revenue to the City and the Province as well would get their share first so it would be easier for all who work over there to commute especially because in many parts Calgary Transit does not provide a regular service at all.

Obviously I was wrong!

(Photo: Part of Westbrook LRT station which I think is located in 9th or 10th Ave. and probably 16th or 15th St. SW. remind me of British Columbia SkyTrain stations)

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