Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rustic Bakery

If you're looking for good bakery in the city, make sure you check on Rustic on 17th. It had been a long time that we wanted to see what they have but because of the hours they run their business we were not able to.

We eventually got there a few days ago and I should say that I liked it. The prices like any other independent store is high but the quality is high as well. We bought a Cranberry-Blueberry Cake for $9.5 (tax included, I guess) and It was really good. It was not too sweet and not too hard. You could taste the fruit and it tasted like real fruit. F. F. didn't like it much because it was not moist enough, she said. We also got a loaf of Rye and a Pretzel Bun. Rye did not satisfy me completely because we are all used to wheat taste. Nevertheless I made a few sandwiches and took to for my lunch. I paid for it after all. The Pretzel was good as a snack. F. F. complained that it was too salty.

It's the place that I would go if I wanted to spend over my routine budgeted food. But wouldn't bother someone who has no monetary restriction. Enjoys!

(Photo: The Cranberry-Blueberry cake not only looks good but tastes good too. Wanna get a better look, either check the website or go there! You woudn't leave the store empty-handed!)

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