Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Pizza

Sometimes, or for many people most of the times(!) you got home and have nothing ready to eat and you probably take a frozen pizza from your freezer or buy some fast food or other type of frozen food on your way home and eat it.
... Well that helps the economy a lot because many benefit from that but you! That could be fine by many 'cause that's how they have lived their entire life and that's how their parents and grant parents lived for decades in North America. That was also how it worked for me up to 2 years ago. I spend thousand of dollars on ready-to-eat or fast food until now that my eating habit was changed by The Lady That amount of money we spend on food might not be much less but I would say that we eat better and healthier. After all I will publish the cost of eating in a few month because I started noting that down in a spreed-sheet.
That delicious and healthy food, which might have been seen by some, so for that reason don't bullshit me, was made by The Lady and was so good. Instead of buying frozen pizza or ordering one and waiting and then paying tip and everything just simply use small Pita bread and put vegetables, sauce and cheese on the top and shove in in your oven. It won't take more than 5 minutes and result is so good. For those ones who like additives and chemicals in their food, not that the bread and vegetable don't have them(!), can add Pepperoni or whatever type of processed meat as well. We enjoyed a lot. Hope you will too!
(Photo: These quick pizzas just were taken out of the oven and would be gotten down soon! As you can see olive, broccoli and tomato are the major ingredients)

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