Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Sign of Championship

I could not watch the entire Miami-Dallas tonight. In fact I didn't want to! I knew that they would not be able to beat Dallas. This team, the Heat, has never shown the face of a team which would be 2011 Champions. They always had a difficulty to defeat the Mavericks. In the two games that they defeated the Mavericks they were times that they fell behind by 12 points or more! And eventually won by a shot!
And tonight it was proved that I was right. The team, the Heat, was behind all the game long and never got closer than 10 points difference. James barely ran on the court when the Heat was defending. Looked like that he looked down on the Maverick and did not take them serious. After all the Heat was the team with 3 players each earning $14,000,000 the season. I saw that all in the last few minutes of the game and that was it. They lost the game and the cup.
(Photo: Dirk Nowitzki hoists the cup while celebrating with the other Mavericks. He proved that he worth more than $17,000,000 a season!)

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