Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The New Boss

A new guy joined the company as our department's manager last month and turned to be a big asshole. His strategy though impressed me. He approached everyone very slowly and smoothly, got all the data out of them and used against them!
I made a stupid mistake by trusting them because I thought he would stay as the head of the department and in that way I could come out from the shadow of the Comrade (our current supervisor) but turned to be wrong. I showed him my resume with the hope that at least I could be assigned to a better task than I was doing but that motherfucker just just question my credentials and never pointed out to my experiences, my achievements and qualifications. Fortunately he quit after a month! he said that he had been offered an easier job with less stress and more money. I never asked him where he was going but found out later through the colleagues. Was not important after all. That was a good lessen for me to not trust anybody like that again!

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