Monday, June 06, 2011

Same Embarrassment

Miami Heat's game against the Mavericks last Fri. was a disaster. The team with it's three superstars was defeated in its own basketball court. James, Wade and Bosh made lots of victorious gestures during the game but eventually lost it and left the field with their head down! One player exerted lots of effort, a Canadian, Joel Anthony from QC He had to amazing blocks but his sweat went in vain.
Likewise the same thing happened to the Mavericks last night. It was less than 1 min. remaining in the game when I came home from late night shopping when the Heat owned the ball. There was a very good defence from Dallas and James passed the ball to Bosh and he made a 2 pointer. Not more than 25 seconds was left and Mavericks used a time out. As everything must finished with Nowitzki in that team(!), they passed the ball to him and he missed his shot while being defended very well and then the offensive rebound of Dallas failed and that was the end of the night for them in their own field. They lost in the exact same fashion they had defeated the Heat two days ago in their home: 2 points difference!
(Photo: Chris Bosh, here being defended by Dirk Nowitzki, had the winning 2-pointer for the heat last night, helping Miami gaining a 2-1 lead in 2010-2011 NBA Finals)

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