Saturday, July 02, 2011

Canada Day 2011

We went to see fireworks last night it was not what we expected. First off we went to the hills at the east side of Downtown which has the view to the whole area and there was crowed but when it started we realized that was not the best viewing spot. I had red in the website that the firework would be beside the municipal building but was not sure which one because the City has a few. The reason we went there was that the last time I witnessed fireworks in Calgary it was on Stampede grounds and I went to the cemetery(!) adjacent to the place and despite the bites I got from the mosquitoes(!) I got a few good shots.
Then the fireworks was not as big as what we had seen in White Rock and Vancouver and not even as close as what we had seen in Bellingham for the Independence Day, again from White Rock. Not to mention that the time I had those photos it was bigger and better.
One reason could be that the City is on a short budget. We did not have the chance to check on everything else in the morning as The Lady had to work.

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