Thursday, July 07, 2011

Snow in Summer

Calgary has probably the ugliest weather among all the major cities in Northern America, if not the entire world! Some people don't even consider it a major city. It has just reached 1,000,000 recently and practically has nothing important but a few temporary jobs!
If you have walked around or driven in Calgary streets in the past few days you probably have noticed the white small snow flake-like stuff which are floating in the air. You look at the lawn and curbs it looks like snow is sitting on the ground.
In fact it snowed once I remember it was either June or July back in 2003. I was asleep and the telephone rang. I picked up and it was Z. B. my classmate asking me to look out of the window. I looked and it was snowing!
The thing is Calgary has been very warm lately but at the same time we had strong winds, rain, shower, you name it! One has to have a very strong neurotic system to live in Calgary and not get mad over the stupid weather of it!
(Photo: feather-snow flake-like stuff covered lawns, sidewalk and everywhere that they could)

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