Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Insist: Multiculturalism Does Not Work

I mentioned not a long time ago that multiculturalism does not work. This time I have a good witness: This Norwegian guy. They all say that he is a psychopath but the truth is he was tired of seeing all this women with a table cloths around their head and sleepers on the edge of their feet, walking in shabby cloths with half open mouth. He was probably also tired of seeing people with turbans and long beard walking on his hometown street. I'm not giving him credit for that but he would probably ask: Why should I work and pay taxes so these people who doesn't care about the country get benefit?
Again what he did was extremely stupid rather than criminal in my opinion. If he had that problem which we believe he had he should have let the others hear him through a member of parliament, like that guy in Netherlands, through a newspaper or any other media. After all the pen is mightier than the sword. What would you get by killing bunch of the kids who are camping on a small island? Just because you don't like foreigners and you're afraid that Muslims and Africans will take over your country that does not give you the right to kill bunch of people simply because they are from the party who supports immigrants. Another fact that should be mentioned here is the US and Canada and especially the US are more foreigner/immigrant/refugee-friendly because they have been accepting people from different corners of the globe for years but the world has changed and with all shit we see on daily basis I wonder when something like that happens in Canada.

(Photo: The Norwegian flag flutter half-mast on the top of the parliament building as a sign of sorrow)

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