Sunday, July 17, 2011


As Canada is close to Caribbean and all those countries have tropical weather and have nothing much to export and make revenue but cheap fruits and vegetables and also because people like to try everything available no matter how much it cost them, you can find almost every kind of fruit, vegetable and food here. Not to mention that all immigrants and refugees from every corner of the world bring their own cuisines to Canada.
I, myself, have tried things that had never have them before my immigration. I made Sushi just last night, eat Avocado regularly and many other things on daily basis.
This one that I bought two weeks ago called Kiwano and although looks very attractive but tastes awful! I study a bit about that and it's eaten raw. It's added to the salad and is also called Horned Melon. So be careful with your money! Get a good recipe and make sure you will use the best of it because I had to dump half of it. Cost me some $4 one single damn fruit!
(Photo: Horned Melon looks nice although this photo is crap but taste wise, I wouldn't recommend that!)

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