Sunday, July 10, 2011

Disappointing Stampede 2011

Looks like that the quality of everything in Canada is going down while the prices are going up. We went to Calgary Stampede today and it was a total disappointment. We were at the gate at 08:55 AM so could get in without paying the admission and walked around a bit until realized that there was a huge line. That was there we realized that we were not cheap! There were those cheap bastards who were standing in the line for breakfast and then got a stamp on their arm and left!
Then we were looking for a breakfast we didn't mind paying and after almost 20 min. I found the place and there was another line and I hate lines so we went and got too cups of horrible coffee for $3 each and had them with our breakfast sandwiches that F. F. had made. Then looking for something interesting to watch we went to the Saddledome and watched the Huge Horse Show for about an hour and 20 min. and that was about average. Coming out of the show we decided to try some food and got two Corn Dogs for $7 each which were the most tasteless food I have ever that to the moment!
After that we had a look at agricultural exhibition including animals and plan which nothing very special was happening and some Cattle Penning.
The Indian Village was our final destination and that was the worst First Nation performance dance that I have ever seen! The microphone was cutting off every 2 minutes and the singers and drummers were not strong enough. They did not have many good dancers. The Hoop Dancers were horrible. They were two small girl probably 8 and 6 and not even in Aboriginal attire and danced like two kids how were practicing their last lessons! We left before the show ended. A Roast Beef sandwich was our other meal and although the guy charged us enough (you can imagine how much comparing with the other garbage we had!) I must say that was the worst Roast Beef sandwich I ever had. They had not even added some salt and seasoning to the damn meat!
We toured the games and eventually decided not to stay for the firework. We got the stamps on our hands but did not go back. A heavy rain started just about half and an hour after our arrival at home. I heard the fireworks at about 11:00 PM and it was pretty load but F. F. was sleep. We were so exhausted to go back. We might go and pick the same place we picked for Canada Day to watch that. I hope we won't go home disappointed like today!


Anonymous said...

You are right man! Thoes bastard foreginers changed everything about our culture to worst, even our lovely roast beef has turned too rusty to rust beef! On behalf of our nation I apologize for a disappointing stampede this year!


The Tough Guy said...

It's funny that people who attend university still have problem with their own native language and make fun of the other!
I suggest you go back finish your English courses in the High School then apply for the University. May be then you can write Those instead of Thoes, you bastard!