Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good and Bad News

I e-mailed my file manager the night before regarding the position I applied and received his answer stating that my file is being processed. I just wanted to let them know that I am following, interested and ready to join. Then there was news on CBC indicating that HMSC Halifax could not go for her routine patrol in the Atlantic because of lack of fund!
Can you believe this? All the money goes to the fucking mission in Afghanistan! Motherfucker stupid animals of Afghanistan who don’t worth a piece of shit should be protected by Canadian Forces but the Ministry of Defense has no money to protect Canada from possible terrorist attacks, illegal fishing, etc. So if there’s not even money to run a ship out of dock, how are they going to hire new people? May be they send ‘em all to fucking Afghanistan instead of the Pacific and Atlantic!
(Photo: HMSC Halifax the frigate who usually patrols the Atlantic is sitting at the dock. Minister of Defence, O'Connor later announced that she'll do her job. O'Connor is among the ones in that shuffled card deck which I was supposed to write about but haven't yet. I will)

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