Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Big Year

Sometimes I am really surprised by people's habits, likes, dislikes and tastes! I see that they eat craps like McDonald's and other shit. I see that drive junks like Hyundai and others and I see that they waste their money and time at places like casinos! But i never expected them to like a movie like The Big Year! I'm not saying that I hated it but i can say for sure that it was not what we were expecting. The movie has three very well-knows actors, all has good movies in their file but it does not have anything but scenery of the US and a few nice birds' close ups!
I can guarantee you that you will not laugh more than 2 or at the most 3 times during the entire movie and it's supposed to be a Comedy. Sure you will laugh a lot more if someone sitting besides you tickles you! I can't say no more about it!
(Photo: A Tufted Puffin, not a still from the movie. That and some wide shots from American scenery were the only reason you would say you did not leave the theatre until the movies ended!)

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