Sunday, October 23, 2011

Running and Jogging

It's passed mid Oct. and still no snow, not even a heavy rain fall. Temperature is most of the time double-digit and not serious problems when walking. Well I don't have to walk a lot. If I'm going to work it's not more than 10 min. at the most. Everywhere else I drive. That's what makes life a bit dangerous: Lack of activity. Then I canceled my membership with Talisman starting Nov. simply because I didn't want to pay $60. Talisman gets really busy during the cold months and it's most of the time waste of money. That's because first of all people can not be out and then kids who do not have to pay a lot, hang out there usually after their school. It's good if you before 04:00 PM, even before 05:00 but for me there's no way to get there before 05:45 and that's the pick. Another thing is the tracks are most of the time booked by this team and that school and I don't really like to get on those stupid treadmills. So there's really no point.
Therefore I started jugging outside and my goal is to do either a 00:20 min. or if I'm alright a 00:25 min. and see if I can increase it. The weather is cold for running but have not made me wearing a tuque or gloves but I put there layers on. I usually take Bow River Pathway and go up and down, cross the river, etc. Have been to Nosehill once so far and today I tried Glenmore Park. It was very pleasant running around the reservoir but I couldn't make it more than 00:20 min.! I don't know how long I'm going to do that. It depends on the weather. I wanted to sing up for an Ice Skating course but the damn C. O. P. said that the course had been canceled and U of C had it full. So we might try MRU for regular exercise and swimming.
(Photo: With this stupid old camera this is the only photo that I can say it's worth seeing from my today's jogging in Glenmore Park. You can see the reservoir in the back. The reservoir was built in 1930 or 1932 and is the source of drinking water for Calgarians and a beautiful place for surfing, kayaking, rowing and all other sorts of entertainment including the Heritage Park which I haven't been to yet!)

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