Sunday, October 16, 2011

Capitalism Finally Digs Himself in (3): Occupation

I don't know how this started but I remember that Obama said something a few weeks ago about taxing the very rich people in the States and that woke people up. First they started in Wall Street and then almost everywhere: London, Rome, Vancouver, even Calgary. I was running alongside Bow River last Thu. and at the south side while getting close to the Zoo I realized a few tents. First I thought they were homeless people but soon I realized that, first police would not let them camp on the city properties and then the Drop-in Center was just a few steps away. Then I realized their banners reading Occupy Calgary. Then I thought they were probably part of White Supremacy or shit like that because I remember a few years ago one of those guys wanted Caucasians moving to Calgary because he had assumed too many non-White people were in the city at the time. I carried on my running and went back home, not knowing that. Then listened to a few headlines on the radio while driving and reading a few more in a McDonald's, as don't have a TV, I finally realized what was going on!
What is interesting in all these demonstration is lack of support from any critic or opposition! Calgary Sun had a few articles denying what they demand and even a cartoon making fun of the demonstrators! They had gathering in Olympic Plaza today at 03:30 according to the local news but I didn't go. I was just curious. There seem to be no leadership and organization to all this but there should be something. How do they gather at the same time and same place? I will follow tomorrow to see what they gain.
I remember when HST was presented in B. C. there were petitions and then this guy, the former Premier, Zalm showed up and people eventually voted against it. But this issue which is much bigger has no leadership. The demonstrators are probably under-employed and unemployed people or people from low-income families, especially young guys. At least that's what I saw. Rather than that there are always people who like to go to such meetings to take photos, have a coffee and kill some time. Some get exited and involve. If it was for something else I would probably join but what the goal and objective was, no one knows! Taxing the rich? Providing more jobs? extending unemployment benefits? What?

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