Friday, October 28, 2011


I bought my first TV a 20" Sony Trinitron from a&b Sound in Downtown in 2003. I don't know much about detail; how I chose that or why but I remember that it was 2 or three installments. Considering that TV was around $450, it wouldn't make a big deal every month. Then I was offered a Citi Mastercard right after that and that was my first Credit Card outside my banking regulars.
I still have that TV and we will probably change that in a few month but the other two factors in this posts are already gone! That a & b Sound is not there any more. The building, an old building of Bank of Montreal, I guess, is still there but it's abandoned and vacant. They probably were paying a fortune to rent that but it was quite busy because that was the only major electronic store in Downtown.
My Citi Master Card has been bought by CIBC, I guess but I'm still using it after 8 years and soon that Citi logo on the face of it will disappear. I don't think many people have that type of old TV any more. We had an advertisement for our TV and it's stand in one of the popular used item website but did not get even one single telephone call or e-mail! Just in the past two weeks I saw two big TV of the same type as mine, at the side of the road. Changes are dramatic!

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