Saturday, October 08, 2011

Got the Nose after 8 Years!

Today I went to Nosehill after almost 8 years! Sounds like a man's life. Fortunately it was not very busy as lazy losers spend their times in bars and cafes usually and posers stay in indoor sport facilities! It was cold and windy though. And that was my first time on foot. I used to ride my mountain bike back in 2003 but never actually ran or hiked it. I parked at the east side. Walked to the west and ran back to the east. Took me almost 20 min. to run back. I was feeling good. Did not get tired a lot. Just was a little cold. Nosehill has been changed like many places in Calgary. Now there's an asphalt path and there are donated benches for hikers but still no drinking fountain or similar. I guess everybody should bring his or her own. It is a park but not like the other parks you can see the usual facilities. I enjoyed my time.

(Photo: I used my old digital camera, a Cybershot Sony DSC-S650 to catch this beautiful flower in this windy and sunny day in Nosehill Environmental Park but could not get a good focus)

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