Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Council's Unanimous Decision

We were notified that the company would buy a professional sport's ticket for us, for a game in Oct. The company would cover part of the cost. I registered for that while I was told that the exact cost would be announced later.

Then I was notified that the company would pay for a ticket when the employee buys one. Sounded fair but then I realized that we are not types of people who would enjoy that game even if the half price would be covered by the employer.

I had to pay my share for one today and since I had made up my mind, I e-mailed the lady administrator and told her that the council had a meeting the day before and they had unanimously voted for not buying the ticket! The woman didn't get my point, which was actually us talking in between us and deciding not to go! She asked me what council I was talking about! And I said the council which had the responsibility to decide who would go and who would not! She said that she was sorry and she did not know anything about the council. All she knew was Mr. X had told her that the company would pay for one of the tickets, she said. I simply replied back as OK!

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Anonymous said...

Since English is not your first language, you should always use plain English to express yourself when you talk to English speaking people. Please do not use metaphor, slangs, indirect language or translation of your Farsi proverbs which may make sense in your own mother tongue. As soon as you open your mouth we get it, you are not a native speaker so we adjust our hearing to the context not your ability to remember phrases that are always heard as fallacy of quoting something out of context.