Friday, March 02, 2012

Skating Requires Lots of Practice

Not many sessions left since I started learning Ice Skating. I have not accomplished very much especially because I did not have time to practice out of the regular University training. There are lots of movements that require lots of practice. There won't be any training courses after this because when the temperature rises, I assume, it will be more costly for the rinks to provide the proper temperature for Ice. I do not know how they do that but I know the Olympic Oval has one of the fastest ices in Canada. It would be interesting to read and learn about that.
Anyways I was there again yesterday and we were practicing basic steps of crossovers while I still am not able to do forward and backward bubbles! Three of the guys took nice dives and one of them, a woman probably in her late 30s or early 40s fell was being twisted but seemed OK after that. That was nice. I hope I can practice at least once this coming week.
(Photo: Olympic Oval provides good training for young kids. It's of course easier for them to learn at that age, not just because they learn faster and that's what most of the people think. It's because they have no responsibility and plenty of time to practice)

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