Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thieves of Government of Brit"SHIT" Columbia

There used to be this extremely stupid motto or slogan on every Government of Brit"SHIT" Columbia's website, letter or sign reading The Best (which actually is the worst) Place on Earth! With fucking stupid thing like that they attract people from around the world to that raining shit-hole and empty their pockets. The slogan was disappeared after that fucking drunk pig, Gordon Campbell stepped down as the premier. One of the many ways that those bastards emptied people's bank account was called HST or Harmonized Sales Tax which rose taxes on almost every item you bought or most of the services you received.
Many opposed to that and eventually a poll was called and people of the province voted against it. The Provincial Government is now supposed to return all those money to the people and they have said that it will happen in the next 5 years!
Can you believe that? The fucking thieves robbed you and now they have to return the money and not with the interest and they say it would be paid gradually in the next five years! If you are paying for their stupid Health Card which has no use and you are a little behind, they telephone you every day and send you letters on weekly basis but if they get unfair money from you, you have to wait years to get it back!
(Photo: Former Premier Zalm who started HST campaign and succeeded)

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