Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blade Runner

I first watched Blade Runner in the old country years ago, may be 15 years ago or more but did not get much out of it because the poor sound quality and poor English proficiency. Then in 2003 downloaded that amongst many other movies from the net, when downloading was still legal.
Never had been really determined to watch it completely until last week and that was when I realized what I had missed all those years: A great movie.
The only problem with Blade Runner is that it takes an hour or a little less to you to find the environment and the characters and when you really are in to it, it is the time that the story is about to finish. There are opportunities to make prequels and sequels but I don't know if anybody wants to do that. It has not been done for 30 years but it doesn't necessarily mean that nobody will not start that. I guess the strengths of the movie are good scenario (although many say it is far from Philip K. Dick's book), good special effects and good acting as well. Also I have to stress that Vangelis composed an amazing theme for the movie. I will buy the DVD and add it to my collection.
(Photo: Harrison Ford as a Blade Runner. For years I was wondering what that means until I saw the movie and realized that is just member of a police unit which goes after outlaws of some sort. Means really nothing. The terms I am not sure if it comes from the book or the writer invented it. Possibly the first. In the background you see Daryl Hannah as a Replica a kind of synthetic human which Ford is after)

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