Friday, March 16, 2012

Competing Against Yourself

One of the issues that this economy in North America has, and I have seen multiple examples of this in Canada, is that the suppliers or better put retailers have too many locations to present their goods. You see this GM dealer here on this street and then you drive 5 minutes up the road and you see another one! In one shopping centre you see, at times, up to 4 different retailers with different names that they present the same brand! And every and each of them have a promotion every now and then which causes the other retailer to go to hibernation!
I don't know if they know what they are doing or not because this is how I see the issue:
The company doesn't care about the employees. They say OK we open this new location. If it works then we'll be fine and if it does not work, then we close it out and kick everybody out! Or they are so dumb that they don't understand that they are competing with themselves.
(Photo: This Oakley store just was opened in Chinook Shopping Centre while there at least 2 other locations under different names which present the same brand's goods!)

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