Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lack of Enough Snow

I went to Nosehill for a little running last Sat. and first I thought I would be fine because it was not too cold but then as usual I realized the strong wind was blowing and because of the mild temperature snow and ice was melting and I got my runners and socks socked and wet! While walking up the hill, look around and there was barely anybody around and I turned back and noticed a white spot in distance: C. O. P.
All around the are was clear and there was only the sky area and the pipe which contained snow. It reminded me of the problem they had in British Columbia back in 2010 when Olympic games was about to start. There was not enough snow on the slopes so they had to bring snow from the higher elevations with truck and who knows how much they spent on that!
(Photo: C. O. P. from Nosehill looking at south. I could not get a better shot with X2. I have to make sure that I will take my Sony in case I really want to have a nice photo)

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