Saturday, March 10, 2012

Parking for Olympic Oval Athletes

If you regularly go to the Olympic Oval but you are not a University student or do not have a ride I have a marvelous spot for you to park to escape those bastards who charge around $5 an hour for parking your vehicle.
If you are taking 24th Ave., NW, either westbound or eastbound, right opposite the University Gate, there is Udell Road. Take it and at the end turn right. Just after a few minutes you see signs at your right which allow you to park for an hour from the morning to 17:00 hours and restriction is lifted of course after that. It worked perfectly for me last Thu. because I parked and walked to my practice and it was after 18:00. It is less than 10 minutes walk. If your exercise or training starts before 17:00 I guess you have to find another spot unless you're sure that there's no enforcement in Underhill Dr. As far as I know at times the people of neighbourhood call the enforcement, so consider that too. Another idea I had when it was really cold was parking at the other side of Crowchild and getting in to the University grounds from the University Station but never tried that. The map shows that it requires longer walk, probably 3 times more than the Udell Road.
(Photo: This littkle map shows University Gate but does not name Udell Road but can be seen right in front of it at the other side of 24th Ave.)

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