Friday, June 29, 2012

Workplace Stories (2): The Mumbling Guy and the Back Up

There was a meeting today at work and I and my partner from our department and the person who was technically responsible for the item as well as another one, all participated. The last one was a sort of backup for the technical guy; a kind of mentor. 
At the other side, the supplier and his team had been lined up. And one representative from the Client. We sat and listened and talked a bit. At the end a sort of argument between the Backup and my buddy, who's named the Mumbling Guy erupted. Why I am calling him the Mumbling Guy is actually because it is very hard for him to speak English and has very bad grammar and silly accent. The Backup started on him and called the meeting a waste of time, which it really was but I didn't care because I was being paid! The most important part of the meeting actually was the question that I asked and had no answer! The Client's representative tried to throw the ball in our court and we passed it back to his!
Eventually it issue was decided to be cleared up later on! That was the cause of argument. The Backup asked why  this meeting had been called, in the first place and my answer was I had not asked for that. The Backup wanted the process of manufacturing to be started and go forward. The Mumbling Guy said that he would not authorize that. I don't know whta the hell the Backup's problem was because that was none of her business. Iremained calm but the Mumbling Guy did not really like it! He abviously felt insulted and seemed furious.
I really enjoyed that moment that how that incompetant that moron was! I went to the Mumbling Guy and put as many pieces of firewood as possible in his fireplace! The fire blazed! I said things like the behaviour was very unprofessional, that was not the first time I witnessed that, you should e-mail the Project Manager and stuff like that! He went to the Project Manager's office to talk to him but apparently he was not there. Then I told him taht I would find out. I did a like check and realized that he had left for the day. I encourages him to e-mail and put words in his mouth. Even suggested to write the e-mail for him with refereing the part of the Code of Ethics which was applicale there. The Mumbling Guy bought it and wrote the e-mail but didn't add anything from the Code. Then during the day whenever I had to talk to him, I would add something like I still can not get it out of my mind and such!
I have to wait to see what the Project Manager's reaction will be.

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