Tuesday, August 07, 2012

B. C. Road Trip (1): The Route

We came back from our B. C. road trip Sun. after the mid night, I guess it was close to 01:00 AM. I was dead tired! I truly believe that the amount of time I was behind the wheel driving to and from B. C. equals to the entire time that I had ever driven a vehicle in my entire time!
We obviously took Highway No.1 in both direction. After leaving Alberta, I guess it was after Golden that we had this sign telling us to adjust our time. We did not have a problem with the dark because we were going toward sun. We had a few small stops including Golden and Revelstoke and a major one at Salmon Arm. Each of these places are similar but could be stayed at if anyone feels tired.
Salmon Arm's waterfront is nice but not busy. I guess it's because it's not close to a major city. White Rock had same sort of waterfront with the only difference that it has beaches too but it gets really busy because it's close to Surrey, Vancouver and other major cities of Lower Mainland. The interesting thing about the Salmon Arm's waterfront parking is that if you're staying not more than 1 hour, like we did, you won't have to pay!
Then we decided to spend our night in Kamloops because we had heard of B. C. Wildlife Park and we wanted to see it the day after. So we got a room in Econo Lodge which was clean and quiet but the damn bed was a piece of garbage.
We did not have any long stop after Kamloops. Just drove to Surrey to find a place to spend the night because we had left Kamloops late, some time around 04:30 PM I guess and that was because we wanted to spend as much time possible in the Park.
We checked a few places in Surrey but did not find anywhere quiet and comfortable. Eventually went to POCO Inn, in Port Coquitlam which was not bad and charge us some $133 for a night with no damn breakfast.
So there we were in Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley and ready to discover but I tell you something about a road trip like that. Always watch for the damn eighteen-wheelers. Most of them drive carelessly. I guess it's because their job is so boring and tiring and they try to make it as short as possible. In one occasion on our way back from Golden to Lake Luise it was so damn dark that you could not even see 15 meters ahead of you and I was trying to be very careful. There was this damn huge eighteen-wheeler who was so close that I had to push the accelerator pedal to get away from him. Then after a few try he used his high beams so I found no option to use the first opportunity to keep right and let the wild, off-leash driver go! Rather than that there was not any other problem on the road.
(Photo: This beautiful big house, may be mansion is sitting at Salmon Arm's beach)

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