Monday, July 01, 2013

Eagle Lake

There are thousands of lakes across Canada and each have names. Some of the names are given by the Native people, some by the European settlers. Many of them have no connection by the name given to them! I once was told that Ontario in fact is a Native word meaning the Land of Sparkling and Shining Water! That could be true. The name is used for Lake Ontario as well you know.
Anyways We went to this lake in the east side of Calgary just after Town of Strathmore yesterday, called Eagle Lake. While on the road to the lake we saw a big bird similar to an Eagle sitting on the fence with a corpse of a little animal in its claws! We distributed the poor bird and didn't let him have its snack. So it flew away and sat somewhere else. So was that really an Eagle? I couldn't tell because all of the Eagles I've seen so far either in the Zoos or in Squamish had white head. But I'm no biologist. 
So got to the lake and then drove by the lake and apparently there was nothing by a few guys with their fishing rods and a few others with their small boats. There are houses around the lake but not everywhere. There are barely any tree so it was not very pleasant to F. F. so we took off shortly after.
On the way back I was slowly driving and looking for photography opportunities. There were many beautiful bird around but I only had my digital camera. Then birds' noise caught our attention: one or two small birds were flying around a nest which looked the big bird's the Eagle-like one. Seemed some kind of find was going on. I never knew that the small bird could be a threat to the big ones. The scenario could be this: The big bird caught, killed and ate a small bird, may be a chicken and then the small birds found its nest, with a chicken inside and attacked him! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the tiny bird chasing the big one!
Nevertheless if you are a fisher or someone who enjoys any type of boating then Eagle Lake is a place for you. Rather than that, you won't enjoy that much.
(Photo: I couldn't get a better shot of the birds in the sky. They are very fast and my camera is not good but you can clearly see that the big bird is being chased by the small one)

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