Friday, June 20, 2014

Flashback (30): The Naked Couple

I worked in a small town of British Columbia for a period of two years as a sort of Bylaw Enforcement authority. Quite a hectic job. I didn't like it but I had to stick to it. One of our duties was responding to complaints in regards to noise. The bylaw clearly states what would be considered as noise violation and there is a fine for that. We would issue the fine if the circumstances existed. 
Once it was late, I guess probably between 23:30 and 00:00 hours we received a call from the dispatch in regards to a noise complaint at a corner of town where it was often a centre of problems. We headed for the address, while being backed up by the local RCMP. Here the question might arise as if the RCMP is available, why would Bylaw Enforcement get involved?! it is a legitimate question. I guess RCMP would want to be involved in more serious cases such as theft, burglary and other serious crime which bylaw has no authority and training for but at times and under circumstances the provide backup to Bylaw because you never know what you might encounter. Is that a B & E? A domestic abuse? A family feud? 
So we went there and I tool the lead as usual. I don't remember whether I knocked at the door or sounded the bell but tried to get the their attention. Music was being played inside but it was not extremely loud. I guess they heard me after a few tries because the music was turned off and I heard people were whispering inside. I look through the side of the door, I guess, because I don't remember how exactly I was able to see inside the residence, it has been more than 5 years probably, and I saw a naked, tall, tanned woman putting her cloths on! They were saying to each other that someone was at the door and they wanted to dress before they appear. In the meanwhile an RCMP cruiser arrived and a short Caucasian, blond lady officer disembarked and joined us. 
The couple, now covered appeared at the door one after another and asked me what he problem was. I explained to the man that a noise complaint had been received and asked them to consider the quiet and peace of the neighbours at this hour. The RCMP officer was talking to the woman, trying to make her understand of the concern. The man and woman, who did not seem to be husband and wife were drunk and I could easily smell alcohol. However they were not aggressive. I guess they are at the beginning stage of their foreplay probably and found us disturbing but really didn't want to spend so much time on us. So they quickly accepted our explanation, promised to keep it quiet and went back inside. 
I went back to the van to get it started and go and the officer told me how weird she had felt especially when the drunk woman had given her a hug! So it was clear that they were enjoying their night and things got a bit out of control and got noisy! 
(Photo: I certainly do not have a photograph of the woman or man in that night although I still clearly remember the woman's naked body but thought to use this picture. The residence of course was not as fancy and nice as what you see in this picture but had the same sort of see-through side window, as far as I remember. This also reminds me of that Seinfeld episode that George's girlfriend gets topless at the beach and everyone sees her but George and when he comes back he tells Jerry that he could imagine her naked whenever he wants and Jerry says: I guess you are right!)

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