Monday, June 23, 2014

Old Goat Glacier

This past Sat. I wanted to hike Mt. Sparrowhawk but after talking to M. C. I decided to change the plan to Old Goat Glacier in the same area. His gf believed there would be enough snow close to the top which makes the hike unpleasant for us. Since I wanted to try a hike with the couple, I agreed to do that. Otherwise I could go on a solo hike easily. 
The first hour of the trip is an easy hike in the woods beside a nice stream. The only disturbing thing is the damn choppers which are flying above your head continuously. Then you reach a waterfall at your right and that is where the scramble starts. Keeping to the right you go up and I think it takes about half an hour until you reach a kind of flat area and your third part of the journey should start from there to go to the glacier. 
I personally prefer summits because the challenge is more and the views are nicer but I wanted to try a hike with them so didn't mind doing it. There were a group of guys who had camped overnight and were skinning and snowboarding. 
We kept through on a spine and went a bit further. The glacier could be seen from there. M. C. and M. wanted to have lunch so we crashed on a top of a big rock and rested. Our distance to the end was not much from there. My thought was to go to the right side of the glacier, climb up a bit and see the other side of that rock wall (Not seen in the photo but would have been further left below of the picture) but when we got close enough, we realized it was much harder and further than we had thought. Those two were in no position to do that climb and I didn't want to get apart so we turned back after taking a few photos and seeing around. 
I realized later that Old Goat Mountain is one of the hikes in the surrounding area but we were not aiming that and we didn't go. The road back to the parking lot was fairly easy and not much action. Although it is fairly an easy hike, I didn't see many hikers around. Maybe it's not very popular in Kananaskis area. The views were OK and I got the chance to try my new T5 but not completely because I'm still learning to use it. We saw a few Ground Squirrels and Marmots but that was it. Nothing else. Overall this is a very weak and disappointing hike compare to all of the other ones I've done in Canada but the guy were very nice and good companions. Nevertheless I do not recommend this hike to anyone unless they mix it with a final hike to a summit or go and see the other side of the rock wall.
(Photo: Old Goat Glacier in Kananaskis area or perhaps the real glacier is behind these rocks!)

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