Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Military Museums

I was told by The Lady the other day that one of her friends had asked her to babysit her kid this weekend and she had accepted. She then started looking on the web to see what would be available this weekend to do so we would not have to spend the whole day at home and the kid becomes annoying and restless. 
Apparently The Military Museums would have open house and summer skirmish. So when the kid was dropped at our place in the morning, we did not waste any time. We went to a McDonald's for a little breakfast and headed to the museum. I guess we are among the very first people in there. They were making themselves ready and all the exhibits were available to the viewers by donation only. I slipped a brand new $10 but I guess the guy didn't like my joke when I said the Prime Minister's portrait was on it! 
We spend most of the morning until around 12:00 over there. There was simulated fights, which as actually called skirmish, by different people portraying old time fellas such as Vikings and other and it was quite nice. A group also simulated a little battle between the Allies and Axis forces which was really nice. They used blank rounds with actual sound of machine guns and rifles and looked so real and cool. 
Food truck were there too. So it was a food fun as well. I saw three but we were not that hungry. It is good that they make jobs and create customers for local businesses. Inside the museum was also open to the visitors and people were sitting behind the tables with information and draws. I really don't like draws as they look like gambling for me and I don't like to really on chance if I'm getting anything but I didn't say that to the people. There was a ticket selling for Westjet and the tickets were $10 or something they would want to use the money to expand the museum and put airplanes in there but I had already donated and was short on cash. Generally organizations like that really upon donations and volunteers in Canada and I don't have any problem with volunteering but I don't believe they will ever need a foreigner there! 
Anyways we viewed a bit of the inside exhibits and left the rest for another time because the kid was with us and he had no interest, of course, in those stuff unlike most of the young boys.
The exhibits are nice and organized and all the information is available. They have different section for WWI, WWII, Korean War, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan of course but I guess a good 2 hours or more is required to go through everything and the admission is reasonable. 
(Photo: People are demonstrating Vikings' fighting skills. In this one they are using the shields as a combined defensive devise for the entire group. The two people at the sides are the counter-attack soldiers. While the group is resisting and defending, the two can freely attack and protect the group as well)

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