Monday, June 30, 2014

Messed Up Hike of Grotto Mountain

I just came back from a clinic. I had sever pain last night after I came back from hiking. It was so intense that I didn't sleep more than, perhaps, one hour. Fortunately it is not serious. I have apparently push myself a little too hard recently and the joint and ligament is swollen a bit. The physician recommended a pain-killer, an over-the-counter one and prescribed a cream. He also said that I had to use cold pack.
But what led to this, as I said earlier, was overloading myself in the past month. I had two hikes and in between jogged every other day. For yesterday, I had planned, firstly to hike the Middle Sister in Canmore but then changed it to Grotto Mountain because, silly me, did not finish it the last time I attempted
So I was in the road which goes to Alpine Club of Canada before 09:30 AM and started going up after a group of four. My stupid mistake, as usual, was not knowing where to go, exactly! Last time I found the trail after going off it a few times and eventually ended up probably 200 m. away from the summit. This time I wanted to follow the guy but after checking with them I realized that they were not going to the summit! One of the guys, though explained to me how I would be able to get to the summit trial after following them for a while but I decided to find the trail which goes to the ridge so I separated from there and took a trail parallel to the gully. Apparently, and I learnt that later, I did not have to cross the gully. The trail to the ridge which eventually leads to the summit is at the west side of the gully.
This picture taken from the beginning of Grotto Mountain Trail shows the Three Sister and Mt. Lawrence Grassi at right
So I reached the gully and I decided to take a break, taking the damn suit off. I then grabbed the new camera and decided to take a few photos. I then stepped on a rock to get to a good viewing position and that was it! I slipped and fell on my right arm and thigh! I didn't hit my head so I was fine. Checked the camera it was a bit wet but working. The pain was not too bad but the damn backpack was heavy!
I grabbed my gear and started going up to the west with the hope that I can find the trail. I kept going for maybe another hour and a half but there was not much progress. I saw a faded trail but it was faded and too rocky. The rocks would roll under my hiking shoes and would make it extremely difficult to go up. 
Then I stopped and looked up and it didn't seem too promising and I decided to go back! Damn!
Going down was much harder and I slipped and fell at least two more times but not as hard as the first time! I eventually arrived at the same spot that I earlier had fallen and decided to go down the gully beside the stream. It looked easy at the beginning but it was hell! After minutes of struggle I eventually reached a marked trail and that was where I found a few signs with the trail maps. So now I know where I would be going next time I attempt the summit of Grotto Mountain! Most of the time during descending was spent on photography of tiny beautiful flowers and the surrounding area but the result is not very impressive. 
(Photo: One of the close up shots of numerous wild flowers in the area. It is not very impressive but not very bad either)

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