Monday, June 09, 2014


We had an offer from our cable company last year and we accepted it. They provided a big number of channels and a PVR for really a cheap price for a few months. I didn't know what the PVR does rather than just transferring the signals to the TV set and make them visible. I guess the lady first figured it out and used it. Such an amazing device, I would say! PVR, probably standing for Personal Video Recorder has a big hard disk drive that you could record hours of different programs on it and watch is later. You also could schedule recording of different programs at different times. It is obvious you are not able to transfer the recorded programs to DVDs for copyright and other issues but it has such a great capacity that you probably would not need that. 
I recorded the first two games of the 2014 NBA Finals and enjoyed watching them last night. This is an amazing tool for someone who has tight schedule or a family with different people of different likes. While your wife is watching her favorite show you could do your chores and have your favorite game recorded to watch it later. Thanks to Shaw for that! 
(Photo: The Motorola PVR lent to us by Shaw is sitting on the top of my old Philips DVD Player and both are mounting the old 2003 Sony Trinitron)

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