Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Beautiful Trip to Edmonton

It had been plan to have a trip up to Edmonton this past Fri., almost 10 days ago and finally I made it yesterday and I have to say: That was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever made! We were supposed to be a group of three but one indicated, shortly before the trip that he would be going much earlier because he had to check something else. So I picked up the other guy, a fucking idiot, wimp on my way up. This twat is even worse than The Mumbling Guy and I have to find a nickname for him. However he is a nice guy in many other ways. The drive was fine all the way to Edmonton and we were there according to the schedule. 
The meeting and related visit also went very well and I'm happy that I didn't have to deal with any jerk. Sphinx, that would be the shithead who accompanied me, was quiet most of the time because he's even worse than The Mumbling Guy when the times comes to speak. The first interesting part of the trip appeared at this point. 
The third guy had told us that the client's inspector would join us in the meeting as well but I had no idea who that might be. I heard a few times, during the meeting, the guys named him but I still had no clue. Then we he showed up, in that ridiculous outfit, I immediately fount out who he was! The story goes back to late 2011, early 2012 when we were working with another client and I had seen this guys signature on the bottom of a few reports. From the format of writing and multiple misspellings and grammatical mistakes, I easily could say who this jackass was. This fucking idiot in his mid-50's had a white wide goatee, a kind of headscarf and shabby cloths. We shock hands and he sat and I carried on with my questions from the other guys. Then we were all invited to have a short tour of the shop. He approached me in the hallway and said hello in a foreign language. I paused a little bit and he referred to my official name that was called a few times during conversations a min. ago and shock hands with me again! I greeted him again but pretended that I did not know anything about him and used my line: The situation is very bad, sir! He confirmed and summed up by telling stories. It appeared that from that fucked up company that he used to worked for almost 3 years ago, now he has been contracted to do a few jobs with this company which is of course a much better one but he is a contractor only. We then went to the shop and observed different processes. On the way back to the meeting room again he caught up with me and we continued the same shit about jobs, lay offs and fucked up life of ours! Then I told him that it was not polite to talk in our native language while the others were waiting in the room and we joined them. 
We had another short chat before leaving the premises and I gave him my card and that was the one which had a wrong number on it(!) but he would still be able to contact me, if he wanted to. We then went for a little launch and we had plenty of time and I suggested to have a little stroll around the town and introduced West Edmonton Mall and Muttard Conservatory but the fucking idiot said he preferred to go where there was no admission!! This is a fucking piece of shit who drives a 50K SUV and makes thousands of dollars every months with very little expense! So we headed toward West Edmonton Mall, which in the 80's used to be the biggest shopping mall of the world made by the Iranian Jew family of Ghermezian
Wave Pool in West Edmonton Mall looks fun. We probably should try it at least once.
The snow started falling shortly after we left the fabricator's shop and also we found it hard to find a parking spot because the weekend had already been started. 
We entered and the minute you enter the mall you can see it is an aging shopping center and even the new sparkling stores can not hide the age of the place but it was OK. It was not as crowded as I had expected but maybe because it still was early, around 01:00 PM. The mall has interesting indoor facilities that I have not seen anywhere else, including an ice rink, wave pool, two play gardens and such. The fucking idiot showed signs of tiredness and while was walking like a robot very fast, tried to find the closest exit! We got out of the mall at about 02:00 PM and headed south for home. 
The beauty of the trip doubled here and the weather showed us its nice side. 
Wind was blowing and the road was very slippery and snow was falling. The fucking car was useless and it was wobbling on the road and breaks were not working properly. I never liked fucking Korean cars and this piece of shit Kia was no exemption. The wipers were not cleaning the windshields really well and I had to use the washer which created crystallized ice on the windshield and made it worse. Many cars were seen on the median or at the side of Q. E. II with police, tow truck, ambulance and fire trucks around them. 
I had to slow down to 70 Km in a 110 Km zone at times in order to prevent collisions. The road to Edmonton, was worse. We saw a few more cars in the median and one flipped over at the side and it was similar to this all the way to Red Deer. I, however got out two, three times at rest areas to stretch with Sphinx in the car. 
We stopped in Red Deer for a coffee and continued down Q. E. II to south. The road condition and weather was completely changed after the town of Red Deer making us able to be at the parking lot we met in the morning, at about 18:00 hours or so. 
I had to fill up the car and surprisingly it didn't need more than 49 Liters which is not actually bad for a 650 Km trip.
(Photo, top: Q. E. II shortly after we left Edmonton. Wind blowing and snow falling. Very slippery particularly for the shit car I was driving)

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