Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fitbit and Skating

I wanted to see how fitbit works during skating so when we went to Olympic Plaza today and shortly skates, I made sure I checked my results on the dashboard. Apparently if I skate the way I usually do and even a bit fast, as it's not possible, it shows less activity and less energy consumption which makes sense. 
We were not sure if we should go there tonight because the thermometer was showing above zero temperature and in cases like that the surface of ice gets slushy. We decided to go eventually because we are going to start our practice in Olympic Oval soon and we need to be ready. It was not very crowded but a good number of people were there. The ice was not slushy as I had though but it had big grooves and scratches, particularly at the side and corners. The Lady was a bit tired as a lock of enough sleep in the past two night and also had a soar muscle so she did not practice more than 15 minutes. I did a little more and enjoyed as long as half and hour with a few stops in between and practice of some other moves such as Bubble and backward. 
(Photo: The decoration in and around Olympic Plaza is different from last year's. It is beautiful and different. Here you see a nice, tall Christmas Tree with a very nice and changing lighting. Calgary Tower is seen in the back and although it's not a high quality and clear image you can see the new illumination of blue on the tower which is actually changing but not shown in this photo, of course but is really beautiful)

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