Saturday, January 24, 2015

Disappointing Winter Days

After a few days of extreme Arctic cold, the weather was changed and we have experienced above 0 degree temperature for the past 10 days and will probably be the same for the next days. We went Ice Skating in Olympic Plaza regardless, two days in a row, last Sun. and Mon. which was good especially on Mon. as it was not crowded and of course to The Olympic Oval as part of the newly registered skating. That was the second session.

Today I went for a walk at around 13:00 in Glenmore Park and 90th Ave. neighbourhood. The weather was very complying to the old and wimp. Just a bit windy. I had a dental procedure yesterday, a tough one which prohibits me from having extreme exercises including running. So it's very unfortunate that I can't go running maybe for the next few days while I went many days in sub-zero temperature days. 
(Photo: Clouds look amazing over thawing Glenmore Reservoir in this afternoon of January)

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