Sunday, January 11, 2015

Beautiful Winter of Alberta

Real Canadian winter started right after the New Year's Day and it has has been very cold everyday except for a one day break but that has not been held me back from my regular exercises mostly. I purchased a Balaclava from SportChek a few days ago and used it once during my jogging on Bow River Pathway when the temperature had plunged to -18 degrees C, not considering the windchill but I haven't been out to the mountains since my last short hike to Johnston Canyon

A small group was gathered in front of the municipality building to condemn the recent terrorist acts in Paris, France.
Today we went to Olympic Plaza shortly after the noon and it was very pleasant where we practices for about an hour. The temperature in the morning around 10:30 AM when I went for a walk was about -8 degrees C and then went up to -3 degrees C and that helped a good practice. 

A sunny afternoon pushed many Calgarians out of their shelters to enjoy a few minutes of skating in Olympic Plaza, especially because the wind was calm as the three flags indicate.
While leaving we noticed a small crowd gathered in front of the City Hall to remember the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Considering the French-Canadians in western Canada are not the majority, it was not a surprise to see a small crowd. 
(Photo, top: Bow River Pathway is cleaned by municipality every time there is a snow. That makes it easier for us joggers to enjoy our exercise all the more!)

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