Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Very Good Camera

The other night was waiting at the light and saw a car driving very fast and passed the intersection. As soon as he crossed the pedestrian crossing two huge flashes illuminated the whole area! I immediately realized that the installed camera at the intersection had detected the speed and taken a photograph. The stupid driver realized the same because I saw its brake lights blinked but that was too late! He would receive a ticket at home soon! 
Regardless of the above, there are many speeders in the city and it's very surprising that CPS cannot so much, even in Downtown that their presence is not bad. Is is lack of crew or something else. I know a camera such as that must be expensive but in long term it will pay itself off! 
(Photo: A speed camera installed at a busy intersection. The one that I witnessed operating is not even half of this buy but people mostly speed on that road because it's one way with not many intersections and is steep. So people are tempt to speed!)

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