Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Premier's Reaction to Disastrous Economy

It was announced last week that the Primer of Alberta, Jim Prentice has suggested a percentage cut of the Government employee so it be a bit of help to the economy. While I see nothing wrong with, some miserable whining guys started telling that's a gesture which would not help! The total saving is some $600,000 which I don't think it's bad. I really don't understand what is wrong with some that they think they should criticise everything and oppose to almost anything. The new Primer started his job late last year after the dishonest woman, Redford resigned. 
I believe if everyone in the province could save somehow, for example drink less fucking alcohol, smokes less cigarette and weed or walk a bit more instead of driving even if they want to go to the next street's supermarket, part of the problem, would be automatically resolved but you can't expect these from a society which greed, over-consuming and individualism are values!
(Photo: Jim Prentice is the 16th Primer of Alberta)

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