Sunday, February 22, 2015

Roll Up the Rim to Win

Tim Horton's has this Roll Up the Rim to Win contest every year for a few weeks. I have never taken it seriously because first of all I'm not a Tim Horton's fan and second of all I hate gambling. Nevertheless I have won a few doughnuts and such in the past and this year too. I have tried twice only this year and that because of the introduction of their new coffee, the Dark Roast
The amount of crushed paper cups normally increases during this contest's period. Apparently people buy the coffee with the hope of wining something big and get nothing and through the damn cup away! But Tim Horton's coffee shops are normally crowded so I don't know what the frustration is about. You normally pay for the breakfast and now you have a chance to win something and you're upset because you didn't win?! Grow up! 
(Photo: A garbage can in Crowchild Twin Arenas where we go normally on Sun., afternoons for skating. This is alway fun and it was today as well. I happen to see this bin and took the photo of lots of disappointment!)

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