Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Useless Statutory Holidays

Christmas and New Year is usually a good time of the year for trip if you have planned well ahead. I'm not talking about lazy sunbathing or such idiotic vacations. There are other place in the world that you can go and enjoy there weather and sightseeing while it's all frozen up here. I've never had that chance though during all these years I lived in Canada
For years I was a slave in High River and then got out and became a servant of A. J. for little over a year. That was when I even bought my ticket to go to Boston to see my friend but he forbid me too! I was an idiot to listen to him! Then I became broke and struggled even for my daily expenses! And now after a few years of break, which I never used any opportunity, I'm about to go back to the same shit situation I was with the economy going down such as a fast elevator! 
This passed Christmas and New Year I had a total of 12 days off, I guess, or something like that but was stuck here. There's a statutory holiday coming next week and one will be in the first week of April but they are useless although I get 3 to 4 days off considering the weekends. 
I checked almost everywhere and faced snow, cold, rain and shit like that. I remember we had a short trip last year to Glacier National Park in British Columbia not Montana but it was all cold and wet we didn't enjoy much. 
I guess I'm just going to make short trips or stay in the city and make myself busy with different things. It's good that I won't have to go to that shithole and seeing the retards that I have to put up with everywhere but I hoped at least I could go somewhere and enjoy a hike or so. 

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